I Policy Briefings della Link Campus University, sede di Misano Adriatico sono strumenti informativi di approfondimento, in formato digitale, redatti dagli studenti del Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Studi Strategici e Science Diplomatiche, curriculum Relazioni Internazionali in relazione alle principali questioni di attualità internazionale. Sono rivolti sia ad un pubblico specializzato, sia al pubblico più ampio di tutti coloro che vogliono approfondire questioni di rilievo internazionale.


The aim of this website is to provide policy-briefings on current international issues. from students of the Master of Arts Degree in Strategic Studies and Diplomatic Sciences, curriculum International Relations, Link Campus University, campus Misano Adriatico.

I would really like to thank the President of the San Pellegrino University Foundation, professor Stefano Arduini for the approval of this initiative and all my students for their commitment and the interest shown in this subject .

Karen Visani
Course on Science Diplomacy
San Pellegrino University Foundation – Campus Misano Adriatico


Ameli Alessia 

My name is Alessia Ameli; I graduated in Linguistic Mediation with English, Spanish and Russian languages at the Fondazione San Pellegrino University in Misano Adriatico (RN). Now, I am attending the second year of a Master Degree in Strategic Studies and Diplomatic Sciences, curriculum International Relations at the Link Campus University of Rome.

My main area of interests in the field of international relations is diplomacy; in particular, I am keen on the relations between the Russian Federation and the European Union. I have always had a passion for everything concerning Russian culture, as a matter of facts my bachelor degree dissertation was about the translation of a Balance Sheet from Russian into Italian.

The European Union in its relationship with Turkey


Battellini Armida

My name is Armida Battellini, I’m 24 years old and now I’m attending the second year of a Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies (curriculum in International Relations) at the Link Campus University.

I’ve studied languages for 14 years, especially English and French, but I have a basic knowledge of German, Spanish and Chinese.

At the end of my studies I want to work in an enterprise, possibly by playing a role that allows me to use the languages I know.

My policy briefing focuses on the diplomatic relationships between France and African countries (with a deep focus on the situation in the Mali, Niger and Senegal Republics) from the French colonialism until nowadays.

France and Africa: Analysis of their relationships from the colonies to present days


Benvenuti Chiara

My name is Chiara Benvenuti and I am 25 years old. In 2016 I got a Bachelor Degree in English and Russian Linguistic Mediation and I am currently attending a Master Degree English-course in International Relations at Link Campus University.

During these years I particularly developed an interest towards the Russian Federation and the Eastern Europe, especially for what concerns their international relations with the European Union and the West more in general, the various conflicts affecting the area and the current energy policies.

The Ukrainian Crisis and its Impact on Russia’s Relations with the West


Bernardi Laura

My name is Laura Bernardi, I’m 25 years old, now I’m attending at the second year of the master degrees in Strategic Studies, Curriculum: International Relations, at Link Campus University.
I had a degree in International Relations at the University of Bologna, after my first degree I have done an Internship in Vienna, for the Permanent Mission of San Marino in Austria. For The Mission, I worked in the OSCE, and in the UN (CTBTO, AIEA, UNDOC).

I’m going to work in future for Organization, or for privates for the Internationalisation of Enterprises.

Vatican Diplomacy in the Apostolic Journey


Corapi Jasmine

I’m Jasmine Corapi and I have a bachelor’s degree in Language Translation and Interpretation of English, Russian and Spanish and I’m now getting the master’s degree in International Relations at the Link Campus University in Rome.

I’m acquiring experience in international settings as I have been working as Area Manager for a big company in Italy for almost two years.

Having the chance to start this challenging experience let my skills to grow consistently day by day.

U.S. and North Korea conflicts: is WWIII near?


Falconi Cristina

I’m Cristina Falconi, I’m 23 years old and I got a Scientific High School degree on July 2013. On February 2017 I graduated in Translation and Interpreting (English, Spanish and Chinese) at Fondazione Universitaria San Pellegrino (Misano Adriatico, RN). Currently I’m attending a Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies and Diplomatic Sciences, curriculum in International Relations at Link Campus University, branch of Misano Adriatico (RN).

Structure and commercial policy of Mercosur


Montanari Giorgia

My name is Giorgia Montanari, I am early 25 years old and I am attending the last semester of the Master’sdegree in Strategic Studies, curriculum in International Relations at Link Campus University. Internationalization, diplomacy, travels, cultures and trade are my main fields of interest. After a degree in anthropology, which allowed me to understand many social and psychological dynamics, now I passionately hope to enter in the universe of international trade inside a big company, which could let me travel, meet people, find new cultures and use the languages I know and I am still studying.

The nuclear issues around China, its international and regional frameworks


Morri Valentino

My name is Valentino Morri and I’m 24 years old. In 2016 I graduated at FUSP university in Misano Adriatico and got my bachelor degree in Linguistic Mediation. At present, I am attending a master degree course in Strategic Studies and Diplomatic Sciences at Link University.

Out of all the subjects I have studied until now, my interest revolves more around the economic side and the commercial exchange between countries.

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)


Rilli Giulia

My name is Giulia Rilli, I graduated in Foreign Languages and Cultures (Bachelor Degree),curriculum ‘Languages for Enterprises’, at the university of Urbino (PU) ‘Carlo Bo’.
I am currently attending a Master Degree (LM 52/62) in Strategic Studies and Diplomatic Sciences,curriculum ‘International Relations’, Link Campus University, Rome (RM). I would like to find an occupation in an internationalized work environment in order to apply the economic, linguistic and cultural competences developed during my studies. Additionally, I am very interested in focusing on deeper research over the dynamics and results of the European integration process starting from the emergence of the EU until the present day, because in the current context I consider such theme of vital interest and importance.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership


Tamburini Elisa

I’m Elisa Tamburini, 25 years old, graduated in Foreign Languages for Business and I’m about to conclude my master degree in International Relations, specifically in Strategic Studies and Diplomatic Sciences. I’m a very determined person, able to speak several foreign languages and to face any kind of situation. I’ve always wanted to become an Export Manager. I have strong interpersonal communication skills, passion and flexibility, even to travel long distances.

North American Free Trade Agreement